Kathleen_Gitkin PCDIC

Kathleen Gitkin

Chief Financial Officer, City of Phoenix

Board Director

Kathleen Gitkin was appointed Chief Financial Officer for the City of Phoenix Finance Department in 2021. She is currently responsible for the Real Estate Division, Risk Management Division, Treasury and Debt Management Division and the Controller’s Office. Kathleen joined the Department in 2004 as an Accountant II. Since then, she has held many positions within the Finance Department such as Accountant III, Accountant IV and Investment & Debt Manager. Prior to her current position, Kathleen was the Deputy Finance Director/City Treasurer over the Treasury and Debt Management Division for over five years. The Treasury & Debt Management Division is responsible for the management of over $5.0 billion of debt, the investment of over $5.0 billion of cash, the investment management of various trust funds including the Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP), Long Term Disability Program (LTD) and Health Care Benefits Trust and all banking relationships.

Kathleen serves on the board of directors for the Deferred Compensation Program/Post Employment Health Plan (DCP/PEHP) and the City of Phoenix Employees’ Retirement System (COPERS). Kathleen has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and an MBA. Her husband, Jason, works at the airport and they have a nine-year old son, Jacob.